Grub Pro


Grubs in Michigan can be ruthless, which is why Custom Lawn Care offers our GrubPro, Grub Control program, as one of our additional services to our Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control Programs. With our Grub Control, you receive a guarantee against expensive grub damage to your property every year with only one application of our state-of-the-art GrubPro product.

About Grubs

Grubs are common in the state of Michigan and often fall into the category of being a pest. While there are several indications that you may have heavy grub activity, it’s always recommended having your yard evaluated before spending any                                                                                                           money.

Some indications that you may need your yard evaluated are:

·         Your grass is brown and comes up easily
·         Patches of brown grass located throughout the lawn
·         Racoons or skunks digging in the lawn


We typically apply GrubPro in July, but it may be applied until early August. It will still be effective. GrubPro prevents Japanese and June Beetles larvae from developing into grubs and hatching in the fall months, which will prevent them from consuming your lawns root system. By not having Grubs you will never have to worry about the aftermath of their damage surfacing on your lawn.

Quick Facts about Japanese and June Beetles

·         Japanese/June beetles lay white grub larvae that feeds on grass roots
·         Japanese/June beetle adults consume flower blossoms and leaves of many common plants
·         Japanese/June beetle adults are best controlled by using an insecticide spray
·        Japanese beetle traps capture many adult males. However, they attract many more beetles into your yard then         they capture. Traps have never been shown to reduce the damage done to your landscape by these insects,           which is why these traps should be avoided.

·         Japanese/June beetles are one of the most serious turf-grass and landscape damaging insects during this               century. 

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