Make your lawn healthier and reduce maintenance requirements. Its that time of year again to schedule your
Fall Core Aeration.

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Aeration Services

Aeration is another beneficial service for your lawn. Custom Lawn Care’s ideal time to aerate is during the fall due to the cooler season and grass found in our area, generally Kentucky Bluegrass and Perennial Ryegrass. This additional service can be performed during late summer to late fall, usually from August to November. By aerating your lawn before or at the time of a late season fertilization application enhances root growth development and improves spring green-up and progress.

Aeration Stages
Immediately after your aeration, your lawn will be dotted with small plugs that were pulled from the soil. Within a week or two, these plugs of thatch and soil break apart and dissolve back into your lawn.

About 7-10 days after aeration, the aerification holes will be filling up with white and actively growing roots. These roots are a sign that your lawn is responding well to the additional oxygen, moisture and nutrients in the soil from the aeration procedure.

If your lawn is compacted with soil or located on a slope, you should immediately see a difference in water puddling and runoff after irrigation is performed or natural rainfall. After aeration, your lawn should be able to sustain longer between watering and without showing signs of wilting. With consistent aerations over time, your lawn will build a resistance to higher heat temperatures and drought stress.

While a single aeration is beneficial, it can be a challenging road to truly see the results if your lawn is growing on poor soil. We always recommend taking care of your lawn with regular watering, trimming and fertilizing as this will make it easier to maintain and have lower chances of encountering problematic issues, such as insects or diseases.

The Benefits of Aerating Your Lawn
• Reduces Soil Compaction (Immediately)
• Improves Air Exchange between Soil & Atmosphere (Immediately)
• Reduces Water Runoff & Puddling (Immediately)
• Enhances Soil Water Intake & Use (Immediately)
• Improves Fertilize Intake & Use (Within 7-10 Days)
• Improves Grass Rooting (Within 2-3 Weeks)
• Enhances Thatch Breakdown (Within 30 Days)
• Improves Resiliency & Cushioning (Within the first 30 Days)
• Enhances Heat & Drought Stress Tolerance (Long-Term)


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