Pest Pro & Mosquito Control

PestPRO and Mosquito (PPM)

PestPRO and MosQUITo Control (ppm) is another program Custom Lawn Care offers our clients. This program makes a huge difference. We can tailor our Customized program to ensure desired results, even if you live in a county that provides regular mosquito control. County mosquito control only treats along roads and only uses products that controls mosquitos that are present at the time of the application.  Our products have a residual component combined with an instant knock down component.  So, our MosQUITo control provides immediate results as well as long term results.

The benefits of using Custom Lawn Care’s Pest and MosQUITo Control program are that it truly allows a worry-free home and yard from insects and pests. These programs are offered as a package together so if you chose to have them applied you get the benefits of both for the cost of one. Everyone has been bothered and annoyed by mosquitos and insects before and you can reduce that experience at your home for your family and guests by simply using this program.

Also, our PestPRO and MosQUITo Control Program is effective against the species of mosquitos which carry Zika, West Nile and Encephalitis diseases.  Lastly, it only takes one bite from a mosquito carrying heartworm larvae to infect your cat or dog with heartworm disease, which is why our pet owning clients love this program.

With our PestPRO and MosQUITo Control program, our professional technicians spray a complete barrier around your home, usually 3ft up the exterior foundation and 3 ft. out from the perimeter of your house. They will also treat any areas were mosquitos may hide, any trees and the perimeter of your yard. Rain will not affect any treatments.

How Our PestPRo and MosQUITo Control Programs Works

For this program, we offer a one-time treatment for special occasions or a minimum of three consecutive applications to a maximum of five applications.

PestPRO-Mosquito Control Applications (PPM)

Step 1:
– In early spring mosquitos become active. Our state certified technicians will apply a mist/low volume spray to hot spots on your property, such as where mosquitos may harbor or breed. This will help control mosquito activity for up to 4-6 weeks. 
PestPRo – In early spring, before insects become active, our state certified technicians apply a granular or liquid application (depending on the temperature) around your homes foundation. You may notice an increase of insect activity inside your home. This is because the first application trapped all insects that were inside your home from getting out. This usually occurs anywhere from April1st-May10th.

– In late spring or early summer, our technicians will continue to focus on your properties hot spot areas to maintain control. This will help control mosquito activity for up to 4-6 weeks.
PestPRO  In late spring or early summer, insects start becoming active. Our technicians will apply a liquid barrier around the cracks and crevices around the perimeter of your home. As insects attempt to enter the inside of your home for food and shelter they will be exterminated once they contact our PestPRO barrier. This application occurs from May 1st– June 20th.

Step 3:
 In mid-summer, our technicians will target new areas, such as mosquito’s day time resting spot(s). These often include shaded areas under trees, shrubs, decks and mulch. This application will help control mosquito activity for up to 4-6 weeks. 
PestPRO – In mid-summer, crawling insect activity dramatically increases so our technicians reinforce the foundation barrier, along with emphasizing on cracks, crevices, door thresholds, window wells and foundation vents with our PestPRO barrier. This application occurs anytime from  June 20th August 1st .  

Step 4:
– In late summer or early fall, our technicians apply a complete barrier around your property that will allow you to enjoy your lawn to its full potential. Mosquitos can be highly aggressive and a nuisance this particular time of year. This application will help control mosquito activity for up to 4-6 weeks.
PestPRO – In late summer or early fall, insect activity reaches its peak levels. Our technicians apply another application of our PestPRO to maintain the barrier of protection around the perimeter of your home. This generally occurs from August 1st – September 30th.

Step 5:
 In fall, our technicians return to concentrate on breeding areas as those tend to have the highest activity as the temperatures drop. This application will help control mosquito activity for up to 4-6 weeks. 
PestPRo – In late fall, temperatures start to drop leaving insects looking for a safe warm environment before winter hits, which is why they often try to retreat into your homes. With constant PestPRO applications, our final treatments seals everything by focusing on windows, window seals, foundation vents and doorway thresholds. This will ensure your home is safe and prevents pests from moving in for the winter. This application occurs from September 10th– October 30th.

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